2023 Artists Showcase

2023 Artists Showcase


The Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Association invites emerging and underrepresented artists (annual art sales < $30K) to apply for the opportunity to showcase their artwork in the areas of photography, sculpture, painting/mixed media, or drawing/printmaking, in a series of exhibitions as part of the Blue Triangle Art, Cultural, and Education Program. This initiative aims to promote local art, celebrate cultural diversity, and support artists while enhancing the cultural experience of the Houston community. Selected artists will receive gallery space to exhibit their works of art and a $2,000 stipend.

Application Process


  • Must be an emerging or underrepresented artist with annual art sales of less than $30,000

  • Must be a Greater Houston area artist

October 1 - October 20

  • Online Application: Interested artists must complete an online application form provided by the Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Association.

  • Portfolio Submission: Artists should email BTMCA a link to their portfolio, including no more than 20 images of their artwork, artistic statement, and any relevant documentation. Submit your portfolio to: bluetriangleACE@gmail.com.

October 21 - October 27

  • Selection ProcessA panel of 3 experienced judges will review the applications and portfolios to select the artists for the showcase.

October 31

  • Notification: Selected artists will be notified via email or text.

November 1 - 13

  • Exhibition PreparationArtists selected for the showcase will work closely with the Blue Triangle Art, Cultural, and Education Program staff to coordinate logistics, including artwork delivery, installation, and promotional materials.

November 3

  • Welcome Reception: Artists are invited to meet other artists and the Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Association team.

November Tue 14, Sat 18, Mon 27, Thu 30

  • Showcase Event: Selected artists will participate in an art exhibition, to present their works of art, engage with the community, and enhance the Blue Triangle Art, Cultural, and Education Program.

This project is generously funded by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs.  Thank you for applying!